GFRC Façade Cladding

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GFRC (Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete) Cladding is a fibre reinforced pre-cast stone with a 50-50 sand cement matrix in a typical wall thickness of 12 to 15mm thick.

GFRC is available in a range of architectural finishes, textures and colours. It can be manufactured to resemble natural stone with a variety of finishes from a fine grain to more exposed coarser aggregates. If required, GFRC can be highly polished to provide a surface texture similar to that of a polished natural stone panel.

After exhaustive research, testing and analysis over the past 50 years, it is apparent that GFRC is a very durable material. Very few building materials have been as closely examined as GFRC, with the result that it can confidently be specified and used on the most demanding of projects. This is why GFRC has been used extensively within the United Arab Emirates on large scale developments.

GFRC is approximately 80% lighter than pre-cast steel reinforced concrete cladding and it offers greater versatility due to its superior compressive strength. Due to the reduced weight, it is environmentally friendly in comparison with lower CO2 emissions caused during manufacture. Therefore, GFRC receives a BREEAM A+ rating.

PMJ Masonry can offer both large scale façade cladding and bespoke products in its GFRC range. For more information, please contact a member of our GFRC Team.

Example GFRC Colour Matching

All PMJ Masonry GFRC products can be colour matched to a range of different natural stone types. Samples are available on request. Below are some natural stone examples that can be colour matched into a GFRC product.

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