Rainscreen Façade Cladding

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What is Rainscreen Façade Cladding?

Rainscreen Façade Cladding is a constructed façade system, which consists of a sub frame, or panelised rail system that is cladded with natural stone. The Rainscreen Cladding System will give the appearance of a solid walled structure without having to use mortar joints to bind the sections of stone together.

What are the benefits of Rainscreen Façade Cladding?

Correctly specified, a Rainscreen Cladding System will provide insulating properties whilst controlling water, wind and fire. The Rainscreen System is further enhanced by its adaptability, as it is suitable for use on steel and concrete frame buildings whilst being used for both new build and refurbishing pre-existing envelopes.

Is the Rainscreen Cladding System a new product on the market?

The Rainscreen Cladding process has been used for over 40 years and is becoming an evermore popular façade solution for projects within the United Kingdom. PMJ Masonry have been working with industry specialists to supply and install only the best systems that adhere to British Standards.

How does our Rainscreen Cladding System work?

A cladding support frame is used in this system which is normally made from aluminium. The frame is placed within the cavity between the backing structure and external cladding and secured using brackets and primary fixings. The natural stone panels are then secured to the support frame using additional fixings. The type of fixing that the client chooses for this step, influences the final appearance of the building. PMJ Masonry can supply and install either an undercut, body or composite anchor, dependent upon the requirements of the project.

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Rainscreen Façade Cladding Products

The range of natural stone products available for a Rainscreen Façade System extends across all types from granite and marble, through to limestone, sandstone and slate. PMJ Masonry can provide expert advice on the most appropriate product for each project so that it both looks stunning, but also fulfils the requirements of the client.

Examples of the type of natural products available are below for your interest, please contact a member of our professional team for samples and/or more information.

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