Stone Panelling Systems

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(Above pictures are from our College Crescent – London project.)

With the look and feel of Natural Stone, Stone Panelling Systems provide an authentic, elegant and versatile alternative to traditional cladding.

PMJ Masonry are excited to be able to offer customers a range of Stone Panelling Systems that are designed to benefit projects with tight time margins.

Being fabricated in large ‘Stone Panels’, the Stone Panelling System uses stone veneers which are produced in moulds to give the appearance of natural stone cladding whilst maintaining a quicker installation time.

The panels rise in interlocking tiers, fitting seamlessly together. Suitable for small projects, homes or large developments; the modular panel is completely unique, each having its own colours, sizes and textures. This system also use a larger base panel than many other panelling systems which allows a greater variation in stone sizes. This is what gives an authentic drystone appearance.

Stone Panelling Systems can be attached to a new or existing concrete or blockwork structure using an approved flexible adhesive. Where fixings are required, an approved fixing system has been developed to ensure a fast and secure solution.

Not only are large panels formed, but specialist Quoins and Corner Panels are also available. They will both match and complement the main panels to provide the finishing touch to the corner and window reveals. It is also possible to match

Stone Panelling Product Range

The Standard Range

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The Contemporary Range

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For more information and/or to request any samples, please contact a member of our stone panelling team.