Traditional Façade Cladding

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Traditional Handset Façade Cladding is a time served building practise whereby natural stone (ashlar) is fixed to a pre-constructed backing structure (either blockwork or framework) to provide an exterior envelope for a project. Being heavier, natural stone often needs mechanical fixings to be adhered to this structure (which is typically made from stainless steel). PMJ Masonry have an approved list of mechanical fixing suppliers that provide all the necessary supports needed.

Joints in this façade system use mortar to bind each section together. Since the ashlar sections are precisely cut on all faces, very thin joints can be achieved. Mortar joint tolerances as set out in BS 8298 and allow for typically 5mm ( +/- 1.5mm) joints for all but the largest stones on the market. The face of the block away from joints may be left rough and unpolished (known as quarry-faced), or may be polished or rendered decoratively (split/pitch face or tumbled).

In addition, components including window and door surrounds, quoins and feature stones are also available. All of our projects are in compliance with all British Standards including BS8298:1994, which is soon being super seeded by Euro Code 6.

Clients of PMJ Masonry can take advantage of the far-reaching partnerships with quarries from around the world which allows a rich variety of stone patterns and colour choices to suit all requirements.

At PMJ Masonry, it is clear that our clients prefer a Traditional Handset Façade Cladding installation as its durability, unrivalled quality and varying characteristics allow for unique designs to be made a reality.

Traditional Façade Cladding Products

The range of natural stone products available for a traditional façade system extends across all types from granite and marble, through to limestone, sandstone and slate. PMJ Masonry can provide expert advice on the most appropriate product for each project so that it both looks stunning, but also fulfils the requirements of the client.

Examples of the type of natural products available are below for your interest, please contact a member of our professional team for samples and/or more information.

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