Traditional Masonry

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Traditional craftsmanship that has been mastered over decades, harnessing the true beauty of Natural Stone.

Traditional Masonry is the art of “creating buildings, structures, and sculptures using stone from the earth”. At PMJ Masonry, this is the foundation of what we do, a traditional craft that our stonemasons have mastered over years of practise.

Within PMJ Masonry, we have a group of skilled professionals who are experts in traditional masonry projects, they are our ‘Banker Masons’.

Banker Masons are skillful with tools that are used to shape different components. Some designs can only be made by our Banker Masons due to their intricate features that must accurately reproduce the shape, and form of the original idea, or conform to a new concept. Using templates and drawings produced by our design department, idea’s are created from sawn blocks of stone delivered from quarries around the world. Our Banker Masons, unlike others, work on site so that designs can be tried and tested ‘in reality’ to achieve the optimum results before completion of the project. Furthermore, the need for extra transport of the natural stone from workshop to site is not required, streamlining the installation process, lowering costs and time.

PMJ Masonry Banker Masons can create and supply a vast range of masonry items which fall under two categories; Architectural Masonry and General Traditional Masonry.

Architectural Masonry


Bespoke Individual Products

Bespoke Courses

Hand Carved Name Plaques and Date Stones


General Masonry

Ashlar Walling


Copings and Quoins


Jambs, Mullions and Transoms


Plinth and String Courses

Sawn Steps

Our expert professionals in construction, restoration and conservation are always available to offer their guidance through from the design stage to installation and maintenance.

Traditional Masonry Products

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