Sandstone is a sedimentary rock made of compacted sand. It is a natural stone that is resistant to weathering which therefore makes it a popular choice for construction around the world.

Sandstone forms in two stages. First, layers of sand build up as sediment, either from water or from air. Then, sand particles are compacted by pressure of overlying deposits, and cemented (‘glued’ together). The ‘cement’ is either calcite (calcium carbonate), quartz (silica), or clay. Iron oxide often makes sandstone a reddish colour.

Sandstone, like Granite, is a highly durable material which makes it a popular choice for external cladding. Sandstone also offers customers a full range of finishes.

Key Facts


The following finishes can be applied to Sandstone:

Textured: Bush-Hammered, Machine-Tooled, Sandblasted, Rock Face and Split Face.

Smooth: Diamond Sawn

Key Countries

Sandstone is quarried in the United Kingdom, India, Spain, Australia and Brazil.

Below is a small group of example Sandstones. A beautiful material that can be subtle in its appearance but provides an elegant finish.