Slate is a metamorphic rock and is formed from the metamorphism of shale (i.e. put under high heat and pressure).

Slate is most commonly found throughout Britain, with the Lake District and Wales being large suppliers. However, it is also quarried in France, Germany, and the United States. True slate is hard and compact and does not undergo appreciable weathering. Alongside this, there is only a limited range of colours to choose from, either black, grey or blue. On the other hand, red, green, purple, and variegated varieties are known.

The most common use of slate in history has been as roofing, however today, commercially, we have been able to install slate as flooring, paving or cladded onto the external building structure. PMJ Masonry can provide expert advice in how to get the best results from this natural stone and provide a premium quality finish to your project.

Key Facts


The following finishes can be applied to Slate:

Textured – Hammer-milled, Split, Natural and Thermal Flamed

Smooth – Honed, Polished, Sand-Rubbed, Sand-Blasted and Machine Gauged

Key Countries

Slate is quarried in China, India, Brazil, Canada, and Spain.

Below is a small group of example slates. Eventhough not thought of as a practical natural stone, its under-rated properties can produce stunning results.