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The environmental impact of PMJ Masonry must be carefully considered at all stages, whether it be design, fabrication, shipping, installation or maintenance. We maintain that in whatever project we undertake, all of our working methods must be completed in an environmentally sustainable way.


There is a wide variety of legislation that is applicable to PMJ Masonry Ltd, including the following key areas:

Soiled and Hazardous Waste

Environmental Protection Regulation 1991, Control of Pollution Act, Environmental Protection Act 1990 (Part II).

Air Pollution

The Clean Air Act 1993, Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974, Environmental Protection Act 1990.

Water Pollution

Water Resources Act 1991 Part III.

Dust, Odour and Noise

Environmental Protection Act 1990 Part III (Vibration and Statutory Nuisance).

Policy and Site Management Systems

PMJ Masonry have created an ‘Environmental Policy’.  The purpose of this plan is to present the proposed control measures, and to address the environmental issues that are applicable to PMJ Masonry. The identification of these environmental issues will establish the strategy to be followed to reduce the environmental impact of operations.

PMJ Masonry Ltd will fully support the fundamental environmental objectives of any project with the aim of minimising the impact of the company’s activities on the environment. This will be done by having a site management system, which will control the day-to-day environmental issues on site and a system based at head office, which will monitor the effectiveness of the site system. The PMJ Masonry office will also implement environmental procedures for all off-site operations. All procedures and policies will be further checked by the health, safety and environment officer.

As a company PMJ Masonry Ltd will appoint staff/subcontractors that are fully aware of the best practices and requirements that are placed on our projects. These people will be accountable for the practical application of the requirements of the environmental plan in the workplace.

For a copy of the PMJ Masonry Environmental Policy, please email info@pmjmasonry.com.