In-House Designing

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PMJ Masonry are pleased to have available a full design team based at our offices in Clifton Moor, York. Our design team have a wealth of experience within the construction industry working with leading architects and structural engineers on prestigious projects around the United Kingdom. This gives our clients peace of mind to know that they are in safe hands.

Utilising the latest design software on the market and skills built upon over years of experience, all our clients can be sure that our design team are well equipped to carry out all projects to industry leading standards. They are always available to provide their expert advice and not just at the design stage of a project.

Our design team are on hand to:

  1. Provide pre-tender advice on Stone Detailing and Architectural Design.
  2. Undertake enhanced surveys.
  3. Design and create working drawings, cutting schedules and templates that can allow a design to be manufactured and installed.
  4. Construct 3d models and drawings of Architects conceptual ideas in line with the requirements of all British/European Regulations and Codes of Practice.
  5. Act as a consulting service to any client/architect or contractor who has any queries regarding the design of a project.
  6. Create and maintain operation/maintenance manuals.
  7. Attend all meetings at any stage of the project development including supplying, installation and maintenance.

Whether your ideas conform to new concepts or are built upon existing inspiration, our design team have one mission statement: “If you can dream it, we can make it a reality”

Lets start your journey into a world of natural stone by contacting a member of the team, or visiting us at our Head Office in York.