Interior Stone Masonry

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PMJ Masonry strive to create exceptional interior spaces by utilising the finest quality natural stone from all corners of the world.

In a commercial environment, PMJ Masonry have undertaken extensive internal natural stone supply and installation projects. PMJ Masonry provide quality and innovation to your Interior Stone Masonry project, constantly pushing the boundaries of design and natural stone construction.

At PMJ Masonry, we are specialists in:

Interior Wall Cladding

The use of natural stone is popular among our clients for interior walling. The reason behind this is that it provides a high quality finish and a striking appearance with the addition of easy maintenance. The range of colours, patterns and finishes ensures that all designs are unique.

Flooring and Staircases

Flooring and the creation of staircases are becoming evermore popular in today’s designs. Both are laid either traditionally or using a raised floor system. and can incorporate underfloor heating. PMJ Masonry also install anti-slip strips to ensure DDA (Disability Discrimination Act 1994) compliance.


We are continuously pushing the boundaries of interior stone design, and have developed a range of opportunities to design and create bespoke natural stone furniture for our clients. Popular products include coffee and dining room tables, kitchen concepts, seating and indoor fountains.

Bathrooms, Wet Rooms and Swimming Pools

In these environments, natural stone makes a stylish statement and a lasting impact. We work closely with our clients and with other contractors to develop design solutions that maximise the impact of the Natural Stone whilst ensuring that the installation works in a practical sense. The installation of Natural Stone within these settings requires exceptional skill and material knowledge. For your peace of mind, we have developed cutting-edge templating and fixing techniques that ensure our finishes are exceptional.

Interior Stone Masonry Products

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