PMJ Masonry can offer clients Precast Façade Cladding alternatives which is a more cost effective solution for projects with tighter budget margins. PMJ Masonry supply and install both Dry Cast and Wet Cast Stone.

Dry Cast Stone is pressed into moulds in layers, achieving a compact result with no entrapped air within the concrete or between the walls of the mould. Due to its low drying times, the moulds can be removed almost straight away, allowing them to be reused several times. This enables Dry Cast to be an extremely efficient option for mass manufacturing projects.

A substitute for Dry Cast Stone is the Wet Case Stone alternative. Wet Cast Stone products are ideal for use in load-bearing situations, where structural support is needed or, where there is a high degree of environmental exposure. Wet Cast has a higher water content than Dry Cast, this means that the moulds must be left to air cure overnight. This results in a more durable stone.

PMJ Masonry also supply and install bespoke precast products in addition to repetitive cladding units.

All precast stone whether Dry or Wet Cast can include a vast range of finishes such as acid etching, sand blasting and honed. Off site preparation reduces disruption around the installation area’s meaning a more efficient working practise.